Stealth Computing Georgia

Stealth Computing Georgia is a based in Tbilisi, Georgia, with a main focus on offensive cyber security, penetration testing, and related activities. The company specializes in utilizing tools such as Kali Linux for scanning, continuous security, and monitoring the threat landscape.

Some of the key services provided by Stealth Computing include:

Offensive Cyber Security:

The company employs a proactive approach to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within computer systems and networks. This involves conducting ethical hacking, penetration testing, and simulated cyber attacks to assess the security posture of organizations.

Penetration Testing:

Stealth Computing performs comprehensive security assessments by simulating real-world attack scenarios. By exploiting vulnerabilities, the company helps identify weaknesses in the system and provides recommendations for strengthening the security measures.

Kali Linux Expertise:

Kali Linux is a popular Linux distribution widely used for penetration testing and security assessments. Stealth Computing leverages the capabilities of Kali Linux to conduct various security tasks, including vulnerability scanning, network monitoring, and intrusion detection.

Continuous Security Monitoring:

The company offers continuous monitoring services to detect and respond to potential security incidents promptly. By monitoring network traffic, system logs, and other security indicators, Stealth Computing helps organizations identify and mitigate threats in real-time.

Threat Landscape Monitoring:

Stealth Computing keeps a vigilant eye on the evolving threat landscape, staying updated on the latest attack vectors, vulnerabilities, and emerging threats. This allows them to anticipate and respond effectively to potential risks faced by their clients.

Vulnerability Testing:

The company performs vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses in systems, applications, and networks. By conducting thorough testing, Stealth Computing helps organizations remediate vulnerabilities and enhance their overall security posture.

Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection:

Stealth Computing provides network monitoring services to detect any suspicious activities or unauthorized access attempts. They employ intrusion detection systems and advanced monitoring techniques to identify potential threats and respond accordingly.

Overall, Stealth Computing focuses on offensive security measures, helping organizations identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, strengthen their defenses, and proactively protect against cyber threats.